This could be a life saving tool. I personally used this Journal for my father when he was going through his cancer as well as my own.We had so many different appointments with different doctors and it helped me keep them all straight. It will help you track their vital signs and Dr. Appointments as well as provide vital information on the person you are caring for. There is a place for you or your supporter to jot down information that the Dr. shares with  you. It helped me keep everything organized and in one place.I was so grateful that I had it.

Health Care Management Journal



    "Soul Expression Tools is definitely the "Top Most" when it comes to Journals. The quality and just in time delivery always exceeds my expectation. I am also amazed at the expertise and imagination at the drawing board. Jennifer's gift of creativity and design never ceases to amaze me."

           Anne Houlihan CEO-Elevated Leadership International


    Jennifer's Journals are the most unique, beautiful creations you can find.  Jennifer's talent of design is truly amazing.  Her attention to detail and standard of excellence make her products truly "one of a kind."     Rhonda Johnson Managing Partner Accountable Solutions LLC


    Dear Jennifer

    Thank you so much for The I AM NOW cards. You are a blessing to our ministry. Your willingness to give of your time, talent, and treasure is greatly appreciated and we congratulate you for giving to a purpose larger than yourself.

    With Gratitude and Love, Dr. Sharon Stroud, Founder Innerfaith Ministries Worldwide


    You have a great product and I haven't seen anything like it before. I feel very attached to my little journal already. Your site is going to be a great place for me to go for gifts and I can see the product doing well in regular retail too. I'm looking forward to seeing your business develop.

    Thanks, Elaine


    Our Money & You Network loves the journals that were created by Jennifer.  I highly recommend her work to all those that want to give empowering tools to their network/clients.  Plus, working with Jennifer is effortless, fun and productive.  
    DC Cordova   CEO, Excellerated Business Schools®/Money & You® Program


    Dear Jennifer

    I am looking at my beautiful daily journal you made for me and I had a prompting to let you know how much I appreciate all of the amazing, positive thoughts you put on the pages and inside covers. Thank you for inspiring me and others to do our very best each day. You make a difference.

    Kristi Lee


    The Step Study Journal I believe is absolutely one of the greatest tools to working the twelve steps of AA. I think if you follow this book Jennifer has created your chances of success will triple at staying sober and starting a new life filled with love and gratitude ....Tom Doolan